About Us

Rose Drew

Rose is a physical anthropologist specializing in bio-archaeology and bio-anthropology. She studied Caribbean remains at Yale and established that the collection, thought to be late pre-Columbian Taino in fact included material probably older than 2000BCE. Working with collections in Florida and Europe she developed a methodology for establishing possible social status by analyzing key markers on the skeleton.

She is developing techniques to reduce the time it takes to assess a skeleton, marking it out for further study, or possibly reburial. She has worked with collections of Caribbean individuals in New Haven and Santa Domingo; European material in Cambridge, York, Portsmouth, Denmark and Oslo; and worked on sites and the recovered material in the Miami area of Florida.

Rose has a special interest in the traces left on the skeleton by the life an individual might have lived, and on the consequences of trauma and pathology; of how that individual survived, in spite of injuries and chronic sickness. Rose has made a study of the remains of sailors and the possible effect of their unique lifestyle and  their specialised roles on the skeleton. She has also made a study of 18C workhouse remains and their relationship with the social and penal policies of the time as society struggled to cope with the soldiers returning from the Napoleonic wars.

Rose enjoys teaching, sharing her enthusiasm for archaeology and osteology, both human and faunal, to individuals and groups at all levels from High School, undergraduate and post graduate classes, to public seminars and professional conferences.

Alan Gillott

Alan is responsible for all aspects of field archaeology and site management. He has field experience of sites in S. Florida and Connecticut, and specializes in the photography of human remains. He has photographed material recovered from two sites in Miami as well as collections in New Haven CT, Bloomington IN, Cambridge & York in England.

He has a special interest in the management and provenance of data collected and stored in electronic form, including the storage of raw photographic images, video and the transcribed data from site records. He is also interested in the funeral practices associated with infants and what they tell us about a people's attitudes to children, their treatment post mortem; and, by association, adult death.

Alan has a background in commercial Information Technology and the packaging and marketing of computer software and he is available to offer advice to anyone who wishes to prepare their software for resale.

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